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Developer Fee Information

The Board of Education of the South Pasadena Unified School District adopted Level I Developer Fees on October 11, 2022, pursuant to Education Code 17620. Rates become effective on December 12, 2022.
Within the school district boundaries, developer fees are to be levied upon both new construction and reconstruction, including (1) new commercial and industrial construction; (2) new residential construction; (3) other residential construction only if an increase of existing assessable space exceeds five hundred (500) square feet; and (4) the location, installation, or occupancy of manufactured homes and mobile homes. 
Current Rates are as follows:
Additions to Existing Residences under 500 sq. ft.  -    No Fee
Additions to Existing Residences over 500 sq. ft. - $4.79 per sq. ft. 
Commercial/Industrial - $.78 per sq. ft.
The process begins in the City of South Pasadena Building and Planning Department at (626) 403-7224. 
Questions and appointments regarding payment of developer fees to SPUSD may be addressed to: 
Irene Bugarin - Business Services
Phone : (626) 441-5810 ext 1110

Developer Fee Study and Annual Report