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Elementary Schools Observe National Red Ribbon Week

From October 25-29, 2021, students at Arroyo Vista, Marengo and Monterey Hills Elementary Schools participated in themed, daily events that recognize national Red Ribbon Week. A great opportunity to provide messages about the importance of nutritious habits and active lifestyles, Red Ribbon Week is a student-focused, spirited celebration that includes informational and fun activities. Some examples include class rainbow days at Monterey Hills, workout Wednesday at Arroyo Vista, and Red Ribbon Challenge Cards at Marengo that encouraged jumping jacks, family walks, and healthy snacks.
Since the mid-1980s, the National Family Partnership has encouraged schools to participate in National Red Ribbon Week. This year’s theme is “Drug Free Looks Like Me” and the purpose is to raise awareness and provide support to youth about how to live healthy, drug-free lives.

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