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Measure S (Parcel Tax)

In June of 2009 voters within the South Pasadena Unified School District boundary approved Measure S by 67.6%. Measure S authorized the district to levy a special parcel tax upon parcels within district boundaries for four years beginning with 2009-10. The final levy under the 2009 voter measure was 2012-13. In March of 2013 the district asked voters to approve a renewed Measure S authorizing the tax to be levied for another five years. The renewal of Measure S was approved by 72.77%.
The purpose of the parcel tax is to offset cuts in state fund for school and protect the quality of education; to help prevent teacher layoffs, class size increases, and cuts including libraries, arts, music and classroom academics. 
The revenues can only be applied for the purposes of preserving and maintaining quality education and academic programs, retaining teachers, providing small class sizes, funding district library, media, visual and performing arts programs, and reducing layoffs of teachers, teacher aides, librarians, counselors and other district personnel. 
The parcel tax is levied at $386 per parcel for all parcels. Under the Measure S tax formula there is no distinction between commercial, industrial, residential, developed or undeveloped property. There is no inflator and the rate will remain the same each year. 
Measure S allows for a senior citizen exemption from the parcel tax if the following conditions are met:
1.) Granted on a single parcel ( only one per owner)
2.) Must be owned by a senior (not simply lived in or rented)
3.) Owner must be 65 years or older
4.) Owner must occupy the parcel as their principal residence
5.) Must apply for the exemption
An exemption may also be granted for individuals receiving Supplemental Security Income for disability regardless of age who meet conditions 1,2,4, and 5 above. 
If you would like to apply for the senior exemption the window to submit the application is January 1 through June 15 for the upcoming tax year. The forms are available annually on this website or can be obtained from the District Business Office from January 1 through June 15. 
In addition to the completed application, the applicant must provide the following : 1) Copy of Drivers license/ ID reflecting property address (2) Current Year property tax bill 3) A current utility bill, insurance policy , or other similar document indicating and establishing current residence. 
For questions regarding the application process or to submit your application please contact Irene Bugarin at (626) 441- 5810 ext 1110 , email via email
The mission of the committee is to ensure the proper expenditure of Measure S revenues. The committee consists of nine members that meet to review expenditures and to provide for communication to the community on issues related to Measure S regarding the review of parcel tax funds. The committee reports to the Board by October 31st of each year on all Measure S expenditures. All business of the committee is conducted in compliance with the Brown Act.